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From STD prevention to pregnancy, the RIghtTime app has the information you need about sexual health and well-being in Rhode Island. Our app lets you find information, contact experts, and even locate counseling and treatment centers.

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Family Planning

Learn about various types of birth control, how to use them, and how effective they are.

Sexual Health

The RIghtTime app gives you the information you need to learn how to identify STDs and how to prevent them – including where you can find free condoms, ways to properly use condoms, and locations where you can get free or low-cost testing and treatment of STDs and a variety of other sexual health services.


If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re in a healthy relationship and if your partner is treating you right, we can give you information about consent, direct you to domestic violence resources, and help you navigate relationship issues.

About RIghtTime

RIghtTime was created with the mission of helping teenagers and people of all ages and genders to navigate an increasingly complicated information landscape surrounding sexual health. The app provides a full-featured resource that fits in the palm of your hand, letting you avoid common myths about birth control, family planning, and STIs while getting the facts you need to stay safe and healthy. If you need more information, our app will even direct you to clinics and counselors or put you directly in touch with a sexual health expert. RIghtTime puts facts, safety, and health at the tips of your fingers.